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At Tipser we believe e-commerce should not be tied to any specific place, app or website. We make any product in the world buyable on any digital surface, with the most streamlined user experience possible. 

Tipser helps owners of online media, websites and platforms monetize users and traffic by selling relevant products. Beyond working with some of the largest online media companies, we collaborate with social networks and search engines. This makes it possible for consumers to buy goods directly at the point of inspiration, while offering brands a new profitable way of distributing products beyond their usual channels. 

To make sure we stay ahead of the competition we invest continuously in the latest tech, tools and in upskilling the teams. We automate processes and integrate systems to achieve incredible results. Our goal is to scale up the business fast but only if it’s sustainable growth that takes care of the environment and the team.

Our team has doubled in size every year for the past three years and we’re not slowing down. Today, Tipser has a sellable inventory of more than 100 Million products and our embeddable e-commerce technology is used by Europe's largest media houses to generate a sustainable revenue stream. We have offices in Stockholm, Wroclaw, Barcelona and New York and are continuously expanding to new markets.


Lassi Eronen
Lassi Eronen
Marketing and press relations.
Marcus Jacobsson
Marcus Jacobsson

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