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Tipser acquires distributed commerce expert Reve

Tipser purchases Reve

Tipser AB is active in the Nordic countries, Germany as well as France with customers including Bonnier, Dagens Nyheter, Cosmopolitan, Bauer, Hubert Burda Media, Pricerunner, among others.

Reve AB makes it easy to perform e-commerce transactions in channels such as Instagram, Google, price comparison sites, online marketplaces, voice assistants, digital ads, and others. Reve’s customer base includes some of the world’s largest retail groups, Pricerunner, Hemset, Ridebrain, Speqta, and Widespace.

The acquisition of Reve complements Tipser’s product portfolio and strengthens the relationship to global brands who want to own their online sales channels.

Together with the merger Tipser receives 45 Million SEK funding in the form of a convertible loan. The funding round comes from both existing and new investors.

Tipser is a Swedish growth business that enables new revenue streams for publishers through e-commerce on their websites. Tipser acquires the Swedish company Reve which, like Tipser, specializes in distributed e-commerce.

Tipser showed strong sales growth during the previous broken fiscal year (18/19) by reaching SEK 28M in sales, a tripling compared to the previous period. Reve, who have been profitable since 2018, grew strongly in 2019 with approximately SEK 7M in sales. The merged group has around 55 employees in Stockholm, Barcelona and Wroclaw. Reve’s two founders Josep Nolla and Andreas Wålm continue to run the business actively.

The acquisition of Reve AB and the Reach platform greatly complements Tipser’s product portfolio by increasing the number of purchasable products to over 100 million and expands Tipser’s geographical spread to include the USA, the UK and Spain.

Reve’s customers use the Reach platform to enable e-commerce transactions in channels outside their own webshops. These channels include for instance the Instagram Marketplace in the USA, other social media channels and voice assistants like Google Assistant.

Josep Nolla, co-founder of Reve comments on the deal: “Reve has had a fantastic growth journey for many years. We started with consumer focus with our own marketplace, and then changed the focus to B2B model by offering our unique technology to other online retailers. Combining our experience and technology with Tipser’s network and solid platform means that together we can grow much faster in the future. Brands can finally sell their products in multiple channels without complicated integrations. This means the purchase can finally take place wherever the consumer’s interest arises. We are really excited to have access to this opportunity with the Tipser’s team”, says Josep.

Reve has had backing from investors such as Optimizer Invest, Almi Invest, Wellstreet, Paul Fischbein (former CEO Qliro Group) and author Jens Lapidus among others. The investor group now sells its entire holding.

“With the acquisition of Reve, we gain access to a technical platform that fits very well into Tipser’s broad offering of embedded e-commerce for publishers and traffic platforms. Reve has not only built integrations for both Instagram and Google, but also has major global customers that complement Tipser’s network of publishers and platforms well. We really look forward to continuing our work with Reve’s founders and talented developers with unique expertise in distributed commerce. It will be an exciting and fun journey together! ”, says Marcus Jacobsson, CEO and co-founder.

About Tipser

Tipser makes commerce possible anywhere. With an inventory of more than 100 million products, Tipser enables direct e-commerce on premium publications, price comparison sites, social media platforms, and search engines and other digital surfaces. The technology is live in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain and the Nordic countries. The company was founded in 2012 and today it has 100 employees in Sweden, Poland, Spain, and the United States. Read more at https://tipser.co


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Lassi Eronen
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